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In my training from the Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia PA, I learned the importance of reflexology as it directly relates to the muscular skeletal system and physiology. Aromatherapy assists clients with relaxation, improved circulation, circumvent healing from surgery and a restful nights sleep.  In my practice as a naturopath bodyworker, reflexology and aromatherapy are incorporated as a means to assist the body in the healing process.  

As a practitioner, I use reflexology to assist clients in healing naturally from the affects of daily stress, depression or eliminate toxins from the body.  Reflexology, coupled with Aromatherapy combats the pain suffered from arthritis and lesson inflammation. For example, Essential Oil of Eucalyptus works as an anti-inflammatory to decrease swelling in the joints of hands, feet and other areas of the body.

When coupled with Aromatherapy, the benefits of Reflexology are further increased through the use of essential organic oils.  Clients derive benefits from boosted levels of energy, increased circulation and relaxation leading to better sleep patterns, reduced headaches, prevent migraines, increase stimulation of the central nervous system and speeds up recovery time from injury or surgery.  

Essential Organic Peppermint Oil increases energy levels, alertness and an overall sense of enlightenment and assists in warding off depression by lifting the spirits.  Clients looking to relax will benefit from Essential Organic Lavender Oil to bring about a sense of calmness, reduce stress and assist in a restful nights sleep.

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Reflexology & Aromatherapy Can Help Bring Balance to Your Life...!